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The wood range is a domestic appliance that naturally heats the room in which it is installed and can also be used to cook food, giving it a unique, traditional flavour.  
If you are looking for a heating system that will make your home warm and welcoming, the economical wood range is perfect as it combines innovation with flavours from the past.
Thanks to modern technology and innovative materials, it heats the home efficiently while respecting the environment, using a completely renewable energy source, which is wood.

The details that make the difference lingue

Details that make the difference

There are many reasons to choose a DeManincor wood range:

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: all DeManincor wood ranges have an excellent thermal yield of greater than 70%, certified according to the strictest European standards.
  • LOW EMISSIONS: thanks to the ECOPLUS system, wood combustion is optimized while harmful emissions are minimized, in compliance with national and international legislation; 
  • LARGE AUTONOMY: the ECOPLUS technology is synonymous with greater autonomy and reduced consumption.
  • HIGH POWER: ideal for quickly heating even large areas.
  • QUALITY OF MATERIALS: DeManincor wood ranges feature top quality materials such as 18/10 stainless steel and the thick radiant cast iron used in the plates and refractory bricks in the combustion chamber.
  • IMPECCABLE COOKING: the thick radiant cast iron plates and steel oven with flue covered in refractory bricks ensure perfectly uniform cooking and at high temperatures.
  • LARGE OVEN: the ovens in our ranges are among the largest on the market. The Domino Line, in particular, has the largest wood oven in its category.
  • READY TO BE BUILT-IN: with the plinth that can be made to measure and the various types of surfaces available, DeManincor wood ranges can be easily built-in, thanks to the aerated sides for natural convection and the various spacers available.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: to adapt better to individual living needs, economical ranges are customizable.