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Wood heating ranges are wood ranges with a boiler that, when combined with a thermohydraulic heating system allow you to heat the entire house and produce hot water. Like the wood ranges, the heating ranges are also equipped with radiant cast iron plates and ovens, ideal for discovering ancient recipes and traditional flavours. 

Made with the best materials, steel, cast iron, and fire bricks, wood heating ranges accumulate heat and release it gradually in all rooms, thanks to its connection to the heating system. Therefore, the heating ranges is an eco-sustainable heating system that uses the heat generated from the combustion of wood to heat the rooms in a house, cook, and produce hot water.

The details that make the difference lingue

Details that make the difference

DeManincor heating ranges are an example of sturdiness, efficiency, and long life. These are the details that make the difference:

  • BOILER GUARANTEED for 5 years, in special, thick steel with an exchange surface designed to obtain maximum efficiency.
  • Large STAINLESS STEEL oven equipped with light and thermometer, ideal for guaranteeing uniform cooking at temperatures up to 250° C.
  • THE THICK COOKING PLATE is a distinctive element of DeManincor ranges. The radiant cast iron plate ensures excellent performance and uniform heat distribution.
  • ECOPLUS COMBUSTION, the innovative system that makes the pre-heated secondary air flow above the flame, fueling a second combustion that completely burns the volatile gases and reduces harmful emissions, improves thermal efficiency, and ensures fuel savings and greater autonomy.
  • FLUE COVERED IN REFRACTORY bricks for better heat conducting and for uniform oven temperatures.
  • ABLE TO BE BUILT-IN: with the plinth that can be made to measure and the various types of surfaces available, DeManincor wood heating ranges are designed to be built-in easily, thanks to the various spacers available.
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